Over the years, Asala has supported thousands of women in making a positive change not only in their own lives and the lives of their families and communities. In 2012, Asala commissioned an impact assessment[1] of its services in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, which was conducted by an external consulting firm. The study evaluated a number of qualitative and quantitative indicators, including overall clients’ satisfaction with Asala’s services, which was rated 89% in the West Bank and 88,4% in Gaza, and economic returns on projects, which were found to be positive with 73% of existing projects in the West Bank and Gaza generating revenues. Building on the findings of a previous study regarding the various elements of women’s economic empowerment[2], the study also evaluated changes in women’s perceptions of their self-confidence, security and decision-making ability. In the West Bank, 80% of beneficiaries reported that they became more self-confident following Asala’s intervention, 79% said that they started to ‘feel safer’, 69% enhanced their decision-making ability and power, and 59% indicated that they had experienced a positive change in their status among their family members. In the Gaza Strip, the impact of Asala’s services with regard to women’s empowerment was even more noticeable, with 85% of beneficiaries indicating that they felt more respected and appreciated by their families. 76% of women reported that they now had the freedom to freely undertake purchases as they deemed necessary and one-third said that they had witnessed an increase in male participation in housekeeping and childcare. Contrary to respondents in the West Bank, who were hesitant to elaborate on the effects of Asala’s services with regard to levels of domestic violence, 14% of Gazan women openly stated that they had experienced a decrease in verbal, psychological and physical violence.

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[1]Listening to clients: Impact Assessment of Asala’s services in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Available at: http://www.asala-pal.com/files/Asala%20report%202013%20E.pdf

[2] Research study: Women’s economic empowerment in the West Bank, Palestine. Available at: http://www.asala-pal.com/files/The%20Economic%20empowerment%20of%20women%20in%20Palestine.pdf