Asala works directly with marginalized women who have limited resources and capacities to realize their social and economic rights.  We focus our work in the most vulnerable communities, where women have limited mobility and access to information and resources to help them face and overcome harsh economic, social, and political realities.  Asala strongly believes that economic independency for women is essential for improving women’s role and status in the community.  As such, Asala provides supporting services for Palestinian women through a predominantly female staff, women peer trainers and technical consultants.

Asala’s programs are designed to (a) strengthen, increase, and sustain women-owned micro and small income generating projects, (b) improve and enhance women’s capacities, knowledge and skills through workshops designed to raise women’s awareness and participation in cross-cutting issues such as gender equity, economic and social rights and mobilization for change, and (c) training and counseling in projects’ financial management and marketing.

Asala leads advocacy and lobbying campaigns designed to promote women’s economic and social rights and also work on business and value chain models designed to ensure promote and sustain women’s access to market. Asala is always committed to initiatives that will enable a conducive environment for women’s economic and social empowerment.