Women entrepreneurs that The Palestinian Business Women’s Association- Asala supports participate through their jobs, to preserve culture and traditions while improving their social and economic situations.

Here are products that you can buy from our women entrepreneurs in order to participate with us to achieve our mission:  empowering women by participating to improve their social and economic position.


Joining culture and modernity with the embroidered jewelry
Embroidered necklace with traditional lyre.
Done by : Badera Zayed
To Order: 022413035

Lemon Juice
Done by: AlNaqoora Business Club – Nablus
To Order : 022413035

Olive paste
Done by : Marda Cooperative- Nablus
To Order: 022413035

Hand-made little stones and pearls bracelets
Done by: Bayan Shweiki
To Order : 022413035

Cookies and Pastries
Done by : Jiran project
To order: 022413035

Hand-made necklace
Done by : Amal Sandooka
To Order: 022413035

Eggplant Pickle – Maqdoos
Done by: Asmahan Ibragheeth
To Order : 022413035

Olive Wood hand made from the holy land
Done by: Elen Abu Farha
To order: 022413035

Chili Sauce
Done by: Jalaboon Cooperative
To order: 022413035

Done by: kofor Laqef Cooperative
To order : 022413035

Wooden- board made of strings and pins
Done by: Bara’a Khalid
To Order: 022413035

Soap Making with different colors and shapes
Done by: Sabrina Taslaq
To Order: 022413035

Embroidered Scarfs and Dresses
Done by: Bahia Flefel
To Order : 022413035

Drawing on glass
Done by: Aziza Badran
To order: 022413035

Drawing on copper
done by: Mai Ghosein
To order: 022413035

Stone and crayon
Done by: Amneh Nafe’
To order: 022413035

Hand made accessories
Done by; Mays Naalweh
To order: 022413035

Done by: Israa Abu Shoosheh
To order: 022413035